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Injecting new life into tired bathrooms

Welcome to the Bathrooms Revived web site.

Inject new life into your tired

bathroom / shower by:



Bathrooms Revived transforms tired bathrooms and showers giving a new lease of life, to one of the most important rooms in your home, but at a fraction of the cost of a new bathroom, saving you ££ ‘thousands and adding value to your property.

Decorating - walls, ceilings, woodwork

Deep cleaning - removing those difficult stains

Grouting - removing & replacing discoloured grouting

Hard water / limescale - thoroughly cleaning hard water stained fittings

Sealant - removing old sealant and replacing with new antibacterial silicon


Flooring - repairing or replacing

Showers - replacing worn components & removing limescale.

Taps & plugs - replacing worn fittings with up to date shiny

Toilet seats - replacing old seats with brand new

Lighting - modernising or replacing

Tiling - updating or replacing existing tiles


- Buckinghamshire

- Hertfordshire

- Berkshire

- Central London

- Greater London

Areas Covered